Benefits of Dates and Where to Buy Dates Online

Benefits of Dates and Where to Buy Dates Online

A thousand fruit dates for health benefits – such a popular date all over the world, especially Muslims. Muslims always have a date as food to break the fast. This is because the Prophet himself exemplifies this as well as the fruit dates which are also recognized by western scientists as the fruit is very beneficial for health. Consuming some date break fasting stones can restore the body’s energy.

Benefits of Dates and Where to Buy Dates Online

This fruit is very good for health. What about the benefits of dates in detail, and how the content of fruit dates? 

The content of fruit dates

Palm fruit contains many essential nutrients for the body. So eating fruit dates as a snack is very good, especially for those of you who indulge in too much. Consuming fruit dates quickly restore lost energy. Dates in a single package (consisting of seven items) contains about 629 calories, 4 grams of protein (equivalent to 10% of the recommended daily requirement), and 60% of the recommended daily fiber requirement.

Dates are a good source of vitamin B and calcium

Dates are known sources of vitamin B. Important B vitamins are essential for the body, especially vitamin B6. Vitamins make more than 100 processes in the body. Consuming 7 grains of dates will be very good for your health. 7 grain dates contain 565 mcg of vitamin B6 to the body.

Some processes led to vitamin B6 include: assisting the supply of energy to the cell in the form of glucose, helping the synthesis of nucleic acids, helping hormones functions, and aiding the formation of red blood cells. While other B vitamins contained in dates is niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, and folic acid which are considered important for the prevention of heart disease and cancer.

In addition to vitamin B, fruit dates also contain potassium; the ratio is 7 grains of dates in an average size containing 1.580 mg of potassium for the body. Potassium and sodium balance is essential for bodily functions. Potassium is essential for maintaining heart health and stroke prevention. Potassium deficiency in the body can lead to feeling tired, weak, easily cramps, and increasing the risk of kidney stones.

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Iron Deficiency Treatment

Dates have high iron contents. It will make this fruit an amazing remedy to reduce iron deficiency. Patients with anemia health issue are asked to take a variety of dates through out the day to help produce red blood cells.

Keep up the neurological health 

This fruit mainly is rich in potassium content, which is very important for a good neurological health. Potassium available in the date fruit is a very important part of the cells and body fluids that control heart health as well as pulse level, thus providing well-being against coronary heart disease and, in addition, the stroke of the heart. Study reveals that the most notable potassium use of about 400 mg can control the potential risk of heart stroke by only 40%.

Boost libido

To deal with libido issues, you must use dates. In accordance with various researches, if you’ve any sexual problem or even have poor libido, you should not stop using the dates. They’ll boost your libido and work like an aphrodisiac.

Instant Energy

A key benefit you will get with the date is the instant energy for your body. Once they’re full of glucose content, you will have feelings of big burst of energy all over the day. So, you have the enough energy to work more time with no stress.

Where to buy dates online

There are many online store selling dates, but you should opt for the best online store to buy dates online.