Physical Therapy

Does Physical Therapy Increase a Personal Injury Settlement?

If you’re in the midst of recovering from an accident, you might be wondering: does physical therapy increase a personal injury settlement? After all, the benefits of physical therapy are numerous. For example, studies have shown that it can help with pain and promote healing, as well as increase mobility and strength. As such, physical therapy expenses can be included in your personal injury settlement. The first step to getting a better settlement is to see your doctor. This doctor can determine what kind of physical therapy will be most helpful and which exercises are best for you. If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, visit to set up a consultation for your case.

Physical Therapy

Another method is per diem, which outlines a dollar amount for each day of physical therapy. If you undergo therapy in order to recover from your accident, your insurer may pay you less, as it won’t be able to pay for the entire duration of the therapy. But if your injuries are permanent, you may get a higher settlement if you go through therapy. Nevertheless, per diem is less common and doesn’t work in many cases.

If you’ve been in physical therapy for several months, you may be able to add it to your settlement request. But you may want to consider if you can afford the cost of continuing physical therapy. Some insurance policies will cover the cost, but you’ll also have to pay for co-pays and deductibles. You can also include the costs associated with travel to and from physical therapy.

In some states, you can request a settlement amount based on your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs. Typically, the first offer of insurance companies is far less than your medical bills and future medical expenses. However, you can match the medical expenses with the settlement amount by negotiating it with your attorney. The key is to not accept a settlement offer that is too low or too high. Instead, you should weigh your options and discuss your case with a personal injury attorney to decide what is best for your case.

A physical therapist can help you document the extent of your pain and limitations, as well as how long it takes to recover. This documentation is crucial when negotiating a settlement, and in depositions. Physical therapists also help you deal with the physical limitations associated with your accident. Ultimately, physical therapists can help you recover faster and avoid secondary injuries. You’ll be more likely to receive a higher settlement if you have physical therapy records to prove it.