Surprising Curiosities About Japan’s Train Systems

Surprising Curiosities About Japan’s Train Systems

It is not surprising to anyone that Japan has the best rail system, which in a way is noteworthy, since the high volume of passengers and efficiency do not always go holding hands.

In order to better understand how the efficiency of the Japanese rail system works, we have listed here some surprising characteristics that many people are unaware of. Whether it’s railway company that charges relatives of suicide victim or that barks like dogs, here’re some amazing facts of Japan’s rail system. Check it out!

 Surprising Curiosities About Japan’s Train Systems

  1. Sleeping on Japanese trains is absolutely common

People anywhere in the world can easily be surprised at how quickly Japanese people sleep on trains. Actually, they are able to sleep in almost any place possible, even while standing! To give you an idea, this is something so common that they’ve even a name for this more unusual resting technique: “inemuri”.

  1. Some trains “bark like dogs”

In Japan, many herds of deer often walk on train track to hit the metal parts, which has become a major problem due to many deer run over. To reduce the accidents, the train companies used some very unusual tactics, such as spreading feces of lion on track where deer are usually seen.

Therefore, it became necessary to develop a second plan: the installation of a loudspeaker on the trains to play dog barking sounds. This technique is used to scare off deer and it seems to have worked very well!

  1. Train companies take charges from relatives of suicide victim on the railways

Unfortunately, many people commit suicide every year in Japan. What is most striking is that many of such people commit suicide by jumping before approaching trains, consequently causing delay in train timing. For companies, this delay costs money, so they recover the loss from relatives of suicide victims.