Top Tips to Save on US Restaurants golden corral

Top Tips to Save on US Restaurants

Here are top tips that will help you save money and better enjoy your dining experience in the US.

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Top Tips to Save on US Restaurants golden corral

1 – Water is free

In most restaurants in the United States, water is complimentary to the house. Some waiters offer it automatically, but if they ask you just ask for “house water” or “tap water” and they will bring it for free without you having to spend extra dollars on it. Water is usually filtered from the tap, which is common around here. It is also worth remembering that, many times, the soda is a refill. In this case, order the smaller size to pay less and not waste.

2 – Open Table helps you with reservations

If you want to visit a trendy restaurant during prime time, it’s best to make a reservation to guarantee your table. Otherwise, you can waste time and money traveling to the location that may be crowded and unavailable. The best way to book is through the Open Table website. You just check Golden Corral prices, choose the restaurant, the time, leave your name and e-mail. You receive the booking confirmation and, then, just arrive at the scheduled time!

3 – You can check the dishes and prices on the internet

Many of the US restaurants have food prices and a menu on their own website in the area marked Menu. Just go to the desired restaurant page and check it out! Generally, the more upscale options do not make the values available online.

4 – Pay attention to schedules

Apart from the most popular restaurants, franchises and malls, the most traditional and trendy usually offer lunch and dinner at specific times. If you arrive in this time interval between lunch and dinner, they will offer you the bar menu. And what does that mean? That you will spend more and not eat as well because the bar menu is more restricted with smaller portions.