4 Quick Tips for a Healthy Hair Routine

4 Quick Tips for a Healthy Hair Routine

You are tired of how much time you waste to manage your hair? Don’t worry, we are helping you out with some quick tips to help manage your hair in half the time. Yes, manage your hair better while making them healthy.

  • Silk Pillow Cover

Sleeping on silk is important for any Healthy Hair Routine. It may sound off the track but considering you will doze off for 8 hours, you better make it count for your hair. You should get a silk pillow. The fact is, your hair is tangled and roughen up while you sleep.

Silk offers a slippery surface to control friction and control the damage.

4 Quick Tips for a Healthy Hair Routine

  • Quick Drying Tower

You need to cut the styling time short right after you wash up. Anything that helps to cut your time short is beneficial. You need to control the frizz and drying time if you want to make your hair more manageable.

For starters, you can replace your old towel with a Turbie Towel. It won’t put much pressure on your hair.

  • Miracle Oils

Coconut oil might steal the show, but your options are not only limited to this. If you need to wash your hair daily, you better add some drops of almond drops in a water spray bottle, and spray it all over your hair.

You need to make your hair more manageable, and make it easy to style, thus reducing the effort and time you invest on them.

  • Dry Shampoo

A big secret, everyone is using dry shampoo these days. The only issue is they don’t apply it the right way. We are not going to debate whether it’s a lazy hair problem or not, but you need to apply thoroughly on tool and work your way to ends.

Don’t blast on your hair like a normal shampoo.