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Understanding Esotericism: A Beginner’s Guide to Esoteric Traditions and Practices

Esotericism is a broad term used to describe spiritual and mystical practices, philosophies, and traditions that are considered secret or meant only for a small group of initiated practitioners. While esoteric traditions may seem obscure or mysterious to outsiders, they offer profound insights into the human experience and our connection to the divine. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore some of the core concepts and traditions within esotericism to help… Read Article →

Top Tips to Save on US Restaurants golden corral

Top Tips to Save on US Restaurants

Here are top tips that will help you save money and better enjoy your dining experience in the US. Check out! 1 – Water is free In most restaurants in the United States, water is complimentary to the house. Some waiters offer it automatically, but if they ask you just ask for “house water” or “tap water” and they will bring it for free without you having to spend extra… Read Article →

Wholesale Covid-19 antigen rapid test kits at Eriacta Pharmacy

Wholesale Covid-19 antigen rapid test kits at Eriacta Pharmacy

Eriacta Pharmacy is a Belgian trading company in Belgium with a wide range of medical equipment products. It is a medical trading company that specializes in bulk supply of medical equipment such face mask, hazmat suits, covid-19 antigen/antibody rapid test kits, etc. Eriacta Pharmacy offers more than 30 million products of these products at wholesale prices to fight the pandemic. In addition, Eriacta Pharmacy develops immunodiagnostic tools and point-of-care diagnostic… Read Article →


CBD for Seniors – Can It Help with Age-Related Health Concerns?

As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, and with those changes often come health concerns. It’s no surprise that many seniors are seeking alternative remedies to alleviate age-related issues. One such remedy gaining popularity is CBD, short for cannabidiol.  CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant, and it’s being touted for its potential therapeutic benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the use of CBD for… Read Article →


The Legal Status of CBD in UK: What You Need to Know

CBD has become increasingly popular recently due to its potential for promoting health and therapeutic properties. However, it’s essential to understand the legal status of CBD in the UK to ensure you stay on the right side of the law. Let’s delve into the regulations and requirements surrounding CBD in the UK. CBD Legality in the UK In the United Kingdom, CBD is legal to purchase, possess, and use, provided… Read Article →


How to Prepare for the Three Peaks Challenge

The three peaks challenge is one of the most popular hiking challenges in the UK. The challenge itself involves climbing the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales one after another. The usual aim of this challenge is to complete the challenge within a time limit of either 24 hours, 48 hours or 3 days. The three mountains covered are: Ben Nevis in Scotland – 1345m (typical hiking time five… Read Article →