5 Ways to Fight off Eye Fatigue

5 Ways to Fight off Eye Fatigue

Eye strain is common issue, especially if you work on computer all the day, you are more prone to develop such issues. Following, we are going to discuss the issue in detail, and explain how you can cure them at your own, and keep them from getting worse.

  • Break Away

Eyes don’t use only one muscle set, this means you can relax one while using the other one. You have to shift your focus from near to far pretty regularly. Shift your focus from up close to at least 15 feet away.

If you remain tied with a desk job, take your eyes off the screen for once.

5 Ways to Fight off Eye Fatigue

  • Glare

Reduce Glare to fight off Eye Fatigue. Try using a non-reflective interface liking reading from books instead of iPads. When use a screen, you need to keep it at 90 degree angle any source of light.

Try using indirect lighting and use LED, ditch the old monitor systems. They are not very reflective. Use anti-glare tech and filters. Put on Anti-glare glasses while you drive.

  • Contrast

Good contrast is important, but you need to limit it for periphery. Too much contrast make edges a bit discernible and the eyes have trouble focusing. This causes eye strain. Therefore you need to keep the lighting moderate for good contrast, and ensure glare is no longer an issue.

You have to use eyesight aid for different tasks. Try polarized lenses as they improve contrast, and fight glare.

  • Color

You need full spectrum lighting. Lighting including sunlight which uses visual spectrum eases up vision. Change setting on screen and monitor. You need to adjust color temperature. You need florescent and incandescent bulbs.

  • Improve your Eyes

Eye Strain is basically strain of muscles which controls your eye. You need to perform a few exercises to prevent eye strain.