5 Ways to Increase Your Fertility

The pregnancy can be a very natural process in your life, but for some the pregnancy is a little more difficult. If you are one of these women then it is still not the time to find best IVF centre in India. Most couples who have difficulty conceiving a baby are successful in seeking appropriate treatment for infertility.

Here are five simple tips you can do to preserve your fertility:


  1. Self-knowledge

Have the knowledge of when your fertile period occurs. In this way, you can have sex when you are at the peak of ovulation. So follow your menstrual cycle for a few months. You will know when you are ovulating when you feel a slight increase in vaginal discharge, but it is not all women who can perceive this signal.

  1. Vices

Women who smoke or live with a smoker will find it difficult to conceive during treatment. Drinking five or more doses of alcoholic beverages in one week will also decrease the chance of pregnancy. So stay away from alcohol and cigarettes to get pregnant.

  1. Zinc

Increase your zinc intake. This will help facilitate ovulation in women and this increases the production of sperm for men. Folic acid also helps both men and women increase their fertility.

  1. Weight

You should always keep track of your weight. Obese women have ovarian function altered by hormonal dysfunction and even by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, this means that the ovaries will not function properly.

  1. Life habits

Maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, exercising regularly and proper nutrition provide health and better chances of pregnancy.

You have begun to dream together all the stages of gestation and already imagine the little face of the baby. However, according to surveys, one in six couples has fertility problems and needs a treatment to get pregnant.