How Does Physical Appearance Influence Depression

How Does Physical Appearance Influence Depression?

In many cases, depression appears as a consequence of a disorder known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Depression is a mental disorder that has a variety of causes, which are presented throughout life and make it reach the point that the remaining person in a mood characterized by sadness and unhappiness constant.

One of the factors that most contributes to the appearance of depressive disorders is physical appearance , because unfortunately there are social stereotypes that make people who do not comply with them feel separated from their environment and it becomes much more difficult for them to face day by day.

How Does Physical Appearance Influence Depression

The physical and social rejection

The truth is that the vast majority of people do not usually notice their physical appearance when they are in childhood, and it is not until society itself lets them know that they do not fit into the physical stereotypes that govern, that they do not begin to feel the first signs of social rejection, which may be the beginning of a major depressive state.

Unfortunately physical appearance is one of the first keys to establish social and loving relationships, especially the latter, since those people who for some physical reason are rejected. begin to feel that they are not valued by others, this being one of the reasons why self-esteem can be affected considerably.

This is one of the reasons why most adolescents begin to worry more about their clothing, their hairstyle, their skin and everything that makes up their image, because it is when they begin to understand that this is one of the keys to open up socially and it is also for this reason that depression in people usually begins during adolescence.

Body dysmorphic disorder

In many cases, depression appears as a consequence of a disorder known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which is a mental problem that makes those who suffer from it feel discontent due to a gap or various parts of their body, coming to think that these parts are quite ugly and consequently the symptoms of unhappiness begin.

Among the symptoms of this disorder, the extreme fixation that people have for their physique stands out, to the point that these thoughts can occupy a large part of the time from day to day.

This fixation on the physical can also occur with an altered state of mind, generating a high level of stress or anxiety, there are even those who prefer to cover these parts of the body or even stop leaving their homes so that no one can see them.

All this undoubtedly affects in a very significant way with the development of the normal life of any person.

How to act before this state of depression?

Whatever the cause of depression, the help of a psychologist or a psychiatrist will always be entrusted to help treat this disease, who with the use of therapy and medications can make a person stop noticing so much in their appearance and start to be happy.

Even on many occasions the therapies are accompanied by highlighting the physical attributes that are more attractive and generating a change of image so that people feel better. Such people can also prefer going to their best known plastic surgeon and get consultation on improving their appearance if they are willing to get rid of something completely. 

Harvard University finds the key to avoiding depression 

A study carried out by Harvard University has shown that waking up earlier than usual reduces the risk of depression. 

Who gets up early, God helps. This is the saying that has become more true than ever with the new study carried out by Harvard University , MIT and the University of Colorado, which has shown that waking up earlier can reduce the risk of suffering from depression .

The team of scientists has shown that people who wake up earlier tend to be less depressed. Thus, people who live at dawn, who represent around 10% of the population, are twice as likely to suffer from depression.

However, the scientists did not know which sleep schedule makes a difference, so they set to work to investigate the times when people were happiest and had less depression. The scientists from Harvard University analyzed genetic data of 850,000 people through the company 23andMe, of which 38% had used devices to record their sleep or filling questionnaire to report their bedtime habits.

Final Thought

As a medical consultant, it has been observed by us that people are very conscious about their appearance. A kid who is not in complete sense of this world but with physical appearance disorders can be looked upon for cure and treatment in an early stage before they gain senses and are hit by societal trauma. 

Alternatively, people who are adults and suffering from physical disorder and depression need to follow a road map of getting treated beginning with a psychiatrist or psychologist and then getting into some surgery if they are willing to get rid of something that they don’t want to accept physically. 

About Author: Dr. R J Shree Charan, 

DR R J SREE CHARAN, a plastic surgeon working as a Asst Professor in Chengalpet Medical College.  He has completed his MBBS, DNB in General surgery and MCh Plastic surgery. With a thriving experience of over 15 years, he has worked with some of the leading hospitals in Chennai, India, specializes in hand trauma and diabetic foot ulcers.