Important Life Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

Important Life Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

Believe it or not, even if you live in a metropolis, and have medical help available instantly, you still need to know a few medical tricks in case something happens. Knowing these medical procedures can help you save a life. So pay attention

  • CPR

CPR is the most important lifesaving skill you should possess. Your technique means the difference between life and death for someone. So it’s better to take a proper class, and learn it from the professional. If that’s not possible, you can always watch tutorial videos.

Important Life Saving Tips Everyone Should Know

You can perform hands only CPR on anyone except for newborns. To do this, you have to press down 2 inches deep on chest at the rate of 100 times per minute. Keep at it until professional help arrives.  Skip the mouth breath part but keep your tempo.

  • Bleeding

From small scrapes to bad injuries, you need to stop arterial bleeding asap. So wash your hands, and wear protection (plastic bag or glove) if possible. Now follow these Life Saving Tips to stop or control the bleeding till help arrives:

  • Make the subject lie down, and cover them with a blanket. Elevate the bleeding are to control bleeding
  • Clean dirt, and debris from wound but you better leave deep embedded objects there. The professionals can deal with them
  • You need to apply continuous pressure using clean cloth/ bandage for 10-20 minutes. Don’t rely on the bleeding to stop. Just keep pressure on the wound
  • In case the bleeding doesn’t stop, apply some pressure to artery or Pressure Points. If the arm is bleed, you will find the pressure point right above elbow and below armpit
  • If the injury is on leg then you need to pinpoint the pressure behind knee, and in groin. Squeeze artnery in these areas against bone while you keep your fingers flat. Use the other hand to keep pressure on wound