3 Golden Rules for Postnatal Workout

3 Golden Rules for Postnatal Workout

No surprise you are itching to hit the gym again a month after giving birth. But while your mind and spirit is ready, your body still needs time to recover. You better listen to what your body tells you because if you act carelessly, it will cause you trouble in the long run.

  • Recover

Every Midwife recommends waiting for a month and half before hitting the gym. If you had a C-Section, you may need to wait longer. You have to follow every suggestion the physician recommends to recover soon. If you are told to avoid Postnatal Workout, you better listen because it can damage stomach, and mid-section muscles.

3 Golden Rules for Postnatal Workout

Your routine after giving a birth affects everything, even breastfeeding. Therefore, you need to curb the itch to hit the gym. If you can’t sit around, stroll in the fresh air for 30 minutes every day. It will improve your cardiorespiratory health while fighting off fat and depression.

  • Nutrition

If you can’t work out, you better focus on nutrition. It’s likely you will you feel sore and tired while being an emotional wreck. Not to mention your newborn won’t give you any break.

Forget Cooking, prepare and freeze healthy meals that you can consume whenever you need. There are many options including chicken, beef, tortilla, barley, and soups. You can also try Honey Lime, sweet sour chicken, and protein bars.

  • Forget Junk Food

This is a gift to your body, watch out what you use to fuel your body, and get rid of Junk Food from your diet. Exhaustion can kill your will, therefore you need to stock up with fresh fruits, and protein. Even if they are not fast food, you can still make quick snacks using them.

If you want to binge on anything, it should be protein bars, and sliced vegetables.