Waxing – What To Do Before The Procedure?

For hair removal in Manhattan, the waxing is the most common, quick and effective methods offered in most waxing centers in Manhattan for removing the fluff by, armpit, groin, leg or any other body part. Some women also prefer Manhattan laser hair removal. On the other hand, since it is not definitive, you need to take good care of the skin before and after the procedure every time – all to prevent folliculitis , ingrown hairs and even blemishes on the shaved region.


Do you already know what are the indispensable care for those who choose waxing? So, enjoy: we separate the little list with what should be considered before hair removal in this technique. Write down the tips and enjoy the hassle-free smooth skin result!

– Do not use acids on the skin: The acidic creams in the formula may stain the skin in contact with hot wax and therefore it is worth avoiding them up to 24 hours earlier in the region to be shaved;

– Avoid sun exposure up to 48 hours before the procedure: Did you know that sun exposure can leave skin dry and sensitive to wax, causing pain during the process? So no sun in the two days prior to shaving!

– Wear light and airy clothing: This will prevent the skin from becoming sensitive or heated by the friction of tight clothing – which could make the process more painful;

– Take a warm bath before shaving: this will help to reduce the risk of infection and, break down, pores, facilitating their removal with wax;

– Avoid exfoliating the skin that will be shaved: Exfoliation can sensitize and unprotect the skin, leaving the region susceptible to blemishes, infections and redness after the process.

After the procedure, for glowing skin, get microneedling in Manhattan.