4 Key Insights for Healthy Eating

4 Key Insights for Healthy Eating

The key to improve your health is changing for a Healthy Eating routine. You need to make your diet rich with natural and fresh food. Say good bye to junk and processed items, and be careful what you use to fuel your body with.

  • Consume Starchy Carbohydrates

At least 1/3rd of your diet should be Starchy Carbohydrates. Therefore, you should eat more potatoes, rice, bread, cereal, and pasta. You need to stick with wholegrain options as they are a great source of fiber, and make you feel full for a long time.

4 Key Insights for Healthy Eating

Try adding starchy content to every meal. Don’t worry, these won’t make you fat. Still, it would be better if you watch your calories.

  • Fruits, and Veg

It’s important you eat fruits, and vegs every day. Don’t substitute fresh fruits for processed ones. They won’t do you any good. You need to stick to natural and fresh ingredients to improve your health.

  • Fish

Fish is a great source for protein and its rich with minerals and vitamins. You need one portion of oily fish as they have omega-3 fats to keep safe from heart issues.  Moreover you have to learn the difference between oily and non-oily fish:

Salmon, trout, fresh tuna, sardines etc are oily fish while coley, cod, haddock, canned tuna etc are non-oily.  You can also choose between canned, frozen and fresh but keep in mind that smoked and canned options have high salt content.

  • Slow Down on Sugar

You need fat in diet but you need to focus on the amount and type of fat you consume. There are two types of fat, unsaturated, and saturated. High amounts of saturated fat increases blood cholesterol and chances of heart issues.

Its mostly found in packed, or processed food, so avoid them if you want to develop Healthy Eating habits.